Authors Give Feedback on Effective Branding & Outreach Workshop

Liz Johnson, Mountain View Marketing’s president & principal consultant, provided a workshop on effective branding and outreach on March 1st to best-selling romance authors from all over the country.  We greatly appreciate the authors’ feedback provided below.


Tia Louise “Thank you so much, Liz! The insights and information you shared with us were invaluable. It was fantastic meeting you!”

Mia Sheridan  “Liz, Thank you so much for making time to meet with us! The information you gave was interesting and informative and I’ve already started implementing some of it in my branding choices. I loved how the marketing knowledge you laid out for us was specifically focused on our industry—so VERY helpful!! AND it all felt so completely up-to-the-minute. You are a true marketing guru!! Hope to see you again in the future!”

Carey Heywood  “Thank you so much for taking the time to work with us! Your presentation was fantastic and spot on. Any business would be lucky to work with you and your team.”

Kate Stewart  “I can’t thank you enough for your insight and advice! Your specific knowledge of our industry gave me marketing tools I’m implementing daily and it’s paying off in big ways!”

Ilsa Madden-Mills  “Liz! It was so great to meet you and hear your ideas on branding. I’m still thinking about your social media tips. I hope we can meet again soon!”

Katy Regnery  “Liz Johnson treated us to an amazing workshop during which she addressed the importance of branding, ways to improve our brands, and tips to get the most out of our social media postings. What a terrific afternoon with a seasoned pro. I can’t wait to put Liz’s tips into action!”

AL Jackson  “This was an amazing workshop and Liz is an amazing and brilliant woman! Her insight on branding, social media, and how we can improve these aspects of our business were extremely helpful! She definitely knows her stuff! It was great to meet you Liz and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Emma Scott  “Fantastic workshop. Liz gave advice that is current and applicable to our business and was beyond informative when it came to branding, right down to color choice and font. Loved every minute and would highly recommend.”